Lecture Notes

Semester 01, 2013


Lecture notes from industry professionals delivered to third year RMIT Communication Design students in Semester 1, 2013, compiled into a small publication for future reference.

To support the content I created a set of graphic icons that form
their own numbering system from 1–12, representing the number of weeks and lectures involved in the semester.

The circle represents the number 1, the square 2, and each icon created after this uses these two basic shapes and values to make their own; a circle and square combined create the value of 3. Each icon is presented on the spread of the corresponding lecture. The lecture in week 1 will show the circle, lecture 2 will show the square etcetera.

I coptic bound the book myself as a challenge and skill building exercise, which is very much what the lecture series was about.

RMIT University, 2013

using allyou.net