Best Kept Secret


Brief / Serendipity
Go for a 27 minute walk and stop when you've reached 27 mins. Look around you for inspiration to create a piece of design.

I stumbled upon an off-street cafe` in the midst of a grey, dull, traffic-heavy area in the city after my 27 minute walk. From this I decided to create a publication that plays on secrecy, exclusivity and hidden locations within Melbourne, Australia.

Best Kept Secret is a small hypothetical monthly publication that requires the user to tear apart french folded and perforated pages in order to reveal a secret location within.

The publication would be themed monthly depending on the season and general trends occurring at the time. For example: hidden cafe`s, bars & clubs, restaurants, art spaces/galleries, etc. The book would be limited/short run with only 100-150 copies produced monthly to create a sense of privilege and secrecy within the audience.

To be eligible for the publication, the business had to have quirk factor and/or have an ambiguous location.

RMIT University, 2013