RMIT Creative Writing Anthology 2013


Volta is the RMIT University Creative Writing Anthology for 2013. Creative writing students submit their work to a panel that curates the entries for the publication each year. RMIT third year Communication Design students were approached with the brief to design covers and a few spreads for the publication.

Cells are at the core of everything human, and that's what poetry is, expressing what it's like to be human. That is what the stories in Volta do; they express thoughts, fears, emotions and experiences on an intimate level.

Each story–like each cell–is vastly different, playing a different role, a different character... yet they function together in a way that is undefinable and crucial, reflecting Volta's multiplicity of voices. The shapes and organisms are otherworldly, much like the landscapes that Volta transports you to. Illustration is too, quite intimate. It is personal and free much like writing, only visual. The solution is my interpretation of the intimacy and expression within Volta.

RMIT University, 2013

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